Interested in selling our Po’Bear t-shirts?

Who are we?

We’re a bold and playful t-shirt brand combining American inspired sports motifs with a love of food.

Our brand icon, the polar bear or Po’ Bear as we call him, is a play on the delicious and hearty ‘food of the people’ Po’ Boy sandwiches originating in New Orleans.

This much loved sandwich was invented in 1929 and has been a staple of New Orleans locals ever since. Shrimp, beef and fried chicken are just some of the filings stuffed into various sized baguettes!

What’s in a name?

So the story goes – our Po’ Bear created his own version of these delicious sandwiches, which he sold by the bucketload.

They were loved so much by the New Orleans people that he soon became the local hero who ended up with his face (and his sandwiches) on the t-shirts you see here today.

Intrigued? Read more about the Po’Bear brand story.

Where do we fit in?

Our super soft brushed cotton men’s t-shirts are aimed at laid back men who want to be confident about how they look, but don’t have the time to overthink it.

They’re looking for something a bit different and want to enjoy their life (and their food) as much as they want to look good. Our semi fit t-shirts do just that – they’re not too tight, not too baggy!

If you’re interested in stocking our t-shirts, please contact us for a chat.

mens tshirts 5 star reviews
Great quality tshirt and cool design. Love it!
Jack Leadale
Great fit, good price and quick delivery for my No.3 Shrimp Fryin’ tshirt! Thanks
Keith Cowl
The Beef ‘n’ Pickle mens tshirt is ace – nice colour. Thanks for the great service Po’ Bear!
Jack Wood
I bought ‘Love you long time’ for a friend at Christmas – he absolutely loved it! Cheers
Sarah Gough
Great design and super soft premium tee – it really is. Cheers guys!
Phill Smith