The men’s t-shirt brand that started in New Orleans all those years ago

It’s a simple tale of a polar bear…

…living in the wilderness who didn’t quite fit in. He wanted more than roaming around in the cold eating seal blubber.

And so, he wandered south looking for somewhere warmer that tingled his tastebuds. That place was New Orleans!

With him literally having the strength of a bear…

…he soon got a job at the port and made friends. Life was good, except for one problem – his ferocious appetite. Buying sandwiches every day ate up his wages and they weren’t filling him up.

Then came the lightbulb moment that would change any bear’s life – a sandwich which was a meal in itself and would satisfy all those who chomped on it!

Our bear quickly became a local hero…

…selling his Po’ Bear sandwiches by the bucketload. He was loved so much by the New Orleans locals that he ended up with his face (and his sandwiches) on the t-shirts you see here today.

po bear american journey